Wash Club

Frustration-free washing at all of our sites. Create an account and we'll save your washing preferences, car information, and payment plans. Join the Wash Club to enjoy endless washing for one monthly price.


*Currently only offered in Garland, TX

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Getting Started

1. Download the Wash Club app on your mobile device

2. Enter your vehicle and credit card information

3. Select your wash package and monthly payment options

4. Find your nearest Rocket Wash with the app


How It Works

When you pull up, license plate recognition software automatically matches your vehicle to your account.

Payments are automatically completed with your saved credit card information.


License Plate Recognition

Cameras positioned behind your vehicle scan your license plate and detect the license plate number in seconds.

Remember, this only works if there's a clean, unobstructed view of your plate. Here are some factors that can slow down or stop this process.



Large license plate frames may cover parts of some characters, which could potentially turn a "B" into an "R", or an "E" into an "F".



If the paint is scratched or peeled off of your license plate, it can be difficult to detect the individual letters.


Excessive Mud, Dirt or Snow

We won't have a problem getting your car cleaned up, but there's less chance our cameras will read your plate.


License Plate Covers

License plate covers which darken or obscure the letters make it more difficult to read your license plate.